What is CBE? 

As universities navigate shifting demographics and evolving consumer expectations, competency-based education (CBE) offers a promising blend of flexible and personalized learning. While CBE can mean different things in varied contexts, one thing you’ll find in common no matter the context is the focus on student outcomes. The CBE approach puts students at the center of the learning experience and allows more transparency between students, institutions, and employers. 


  • Tailored CBE to your school’s mission
  • Open yourself up to new learners 
  • Active learning leads to a stronger retainment of skill

Through our work with other institutions, WGU Labs has discovered there’s no “one size fits all” solution for CBE programs. For the model to thrive, it must be aligned with an institution’s brand, employers’ demands, and students’ needs. Some of the biggest benefits of CBE are increased student engagement and outcomes and improved industry-academic alignment. 

Nursing College looking to transition to CBE?

For Colleges of Nursing, new CBE requirements set a new standard in nursing education and impact how nurses are taught and evaluated. 

Services Offered When Implementing CBE:

  • Intro to CBE 
  • Curriculum mapping 
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Program evaluation
  • Active learning strategies 
  • Evaluation strategies (incl. Self, peer – giving/receiving feedback, expert)

Led by our team of LXDs, WGU Labs helps partners design high-quality, custom, digital CBE learning experiences. 

Why WGU Labs

WGU didn’t invent competency-based education (CBE). But we were the first to successfully implement CBE at scale. And we’ve spent decades refining a model that places each student at the center of their own learning journey. 

“No one single institution will ever solve the nation’s talent gap we need to work together”
—Scott Pulsipher, WGU President 

Curious to learn more about building a CBE program on your campus? Contact us for a free consultation on reimagining your students’ learning experience.