National standards for nursing programs changed dramatically in April, 2021, and Competency-Based Education (CBE) will become the new normal by 2026. Many collegiate nursing leaders express feelings of uncertainty with this change, wondering how to support faculty through a fundamental curricular shift. Some leaders also recognize the opportunity to leverage CBE to serve students in new ways, attract new students, and compete in new markets.

Not sure how to support your team and programs through the transition to a CBE model?

Where do you begin?

Partner with a Leader in Nursing CBE 
WGU Labs jump-starts your CBE transition. Depending on your goals and institutional experience with CBE, we generally begin with an institution CBE review, followed by program analysis and customized workshops to ease the transition for both leaders and faculty.

Make Decisions using the Periodic Table of CBE ElementsTM Framework
Working closely with the WGU College of Health Professions  – who launched the nation’s first CBE nursing BS program – WGU Labs distilled CBE into a framework we call the Periodic Table of CBE ElementsTM. With this framework as a guide, we can help you navigate through each element as your institution or program transitions to a CBE model. 

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Periodic Table of CBE Elements Framework to help you navigate your Nursing CBE transition
The Periodic Table of CBE ElementsTM breaks down Competency-Based Education into five areas: assessment; instruction; admissions; program development; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. These areas and their corresponding elements are used to evaluate the institution in its current state and guide the CBE transition.

What does your CBE transformation look like?

Determine a CBE Strategy for Your College
Institution CBE Review (4-6 weeks) 

During your Institution CBE Review, we work with your college and program leadership to facilitate critical decision making around CBE and uncover areas of opportunity, as well as areas that may be challenging. We first complete a systematic review of your institution using the Periodic Table of CBE ElementsTM framework, then apply multiple research methods, such as facilitated discussions, interviews, surveys, and data analysis, to help you make an informed, confident decision about which CBE strategy will fit best with your college, faculty, and students.

Align Your Program with Nursing CBE Standards
Program Analysis (4-6 weeks) 

WGU Labs partners with you to evaluate your current program and identify critical changes needed to meet national CBE standards. Stakeholders contribute their ideas and input and provide relevant documents, institutional data, and representative syllabi and assessments. We then analyze and highlight content areas that currently align to competencies and standards and identify those needing further development. Together, we structure your program not only to meet requirements, but provide the best education for your students to prepare them for their careers in healthcare. 

Engage your Faculty in CBE Transformation
Customized Workshop Series (3-6 months)

When faculty and those in supporting roles feel prepared with a solid understanding of the CBE model, they approach the change with confidence in their roles and decisions. We offer a comprehensive series of workshops that guide faculty through change and involve them in the design and development of your CBE transformation: competency-based assessment design and evaluation strategies; mapping curriculum to competencies; assessment design; and ways to deliver active learning techniques.

"We engaged with WGU Labs regarding the products available [for our CBE programs] and found a whole team willing to go to all lengths to find what we were looking for. The WGU Labs team were able to source specific needs we had and even look for products that might work for our program and curriculum! All in all, we are able to provide our students with dynamic products that were sourced to our needs." —Sarah Corbitt, Program Manager, WGU College of Health Professions

"I had the opportunity to work with WGU Labs in adopting one of their partners in our CBE curriculum. WGU Labs was an excellent partner for us as well as for the vendor. They were able to quickly resolve compatibility and accessibility issues. The end product from the vendor was seamlessly integrated into our virtual course and included formative as well as summative assessments. The work that WGU Labs does for vendors and colleges is very valuable."  —Janeen Berndt, Nursing Program Chair, WGU College of Health Professions