Research and Development

We believe research should drive learning improvement. From identifying education inequities to discovering methods for closing these opportunity gaps, WGU Labs’ social psychologists and learning scientists engage education providers of all types and sizes to determine what interventions matter and how existing tools can be improved.

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Accelerator at WGU Labs

You are building something special—an education company that will drastically improve learning outcomes. But scaling your business requires unique forms of support. The Accelerator at WGU Labs partners with seed-stage education businesses to increase product efficacy and scale business growth.

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Core Competencies

WGU Labs is home to a range of technology, education, and business experts. Our team members are communicators, builders, researchers, and strategists. We use our skills and insights to solve your organizational needs.

Research and Data Science

Spanning the range of research types and levels of rigor, WGU Labs facilitates research that fits the needs of its partners, whatever their research needs. We value high quality qualitative case studies, rigorous, controlled studies, and everything in between.

Market Development

You have big goals. So do we. We help education businesses scale their offerings to broad populations of learners. Our business growth specialists will raise your visibility, expand your access to influencers, and forge meaningful relationships with key gatekeepers.

Product Design and Development

Education products teach, support, engage, inspire, and connect. The WGU Labs team of product managers, learning experience designers, content creators, and engineers create and enhance education products that provide real value, align with market needs, and empower education success.