WGU Labs (Labs) mission is to accelerate the pace of innovation in education to serve a changing global economy and population. Labs invents, builds, and enables innovative education products and offerings that multiply the effects of WGU’s mission to have a transformative impact on higher education: to expand access, improve quality, and optimize student outcomes. Leveraging advances in cognitive and behavioral sciences and emerging technology, Labs fosters innovation from ideas through incubation, continuously improving student learning at WGU and beyond.

Meet the Team

WGU Labs cross-functional teams are made up of creative, talented, and solution-oriented professionals dedicated to improving lives through transformative educational products and services.

Staff members were asked why they work in education. Take a look at their answers below. 




Jason Levin
Executive Director

The potential of the combination of learning science and technology to improve the quality and impact of learning experiences is tremendous.

Jess Stokes

I work in the EdTech business because the successful development of these tools will impact every aspect of our future.

Omid Fotuhi
Director of Learning Innovation

Learning is an individual experience that happens at scale. My role is to help uncover the tools, insights, and practices that promote greater student success.

Betheny Gross
Director of Research


John Clark headshot
John Clark
Senior Consultant

Since 1900, the U.S. literacy rate has increased tenfold. That’s remarkable! But education gaps remain vast. I love exploring ways to bridge those gaps.

Kelvin Bentley
Kelvin Bentley
Senior Consultant

I work in edtech to help colleges and universities expand their ability to help students achieve their long-life learning goals.

Natalie Berkey
Senior Consultant

Economic innovation can only be achieved through equal access to education.

Research and Data Science

Jonathan Huck
Research Scientist

Solving the problem of empowering learning at scale will spark a golden age of social innovation.

Nicole Barbaro
Research Scientist

I work in education because I believe in the positive impact of educators and the transformative role of education in one’s life.

Susie Chen
Research Scientist

I work in EdTech because all learners deserve access to well-crafted tools that enhance their education and give them the opportunity to succeed.

Product Design and Development

Agueda Mija Chavez
Senior Learning Experience Designer

I work in Education because of the great potential to impact someone’s life and to evolve our future as a society.

Amanda Johnson
Design Manager

I’m inspired by my teachers who have impacted my life; this drives me to create learning experiences and products that instill a love of learning.

Amy Jo Yates
Portfolio Manager

Working at WGU Labs and supporting EdTech means that I can make a difference in an individuals life by making the future of education better.

Angela Lankford
Senior Learning Content Writer

I work in Education because I want to help restructure the system so that students from the most underserved backgrounds can succeed.

Anne Mangahas
Lead Learning Experience Designer

I work in education in order to assist in the expansion of pathways for learners to meet and achieve their career and life aspirations.

Brian Tillman
Senior Learning Experience Designer

I work in EdTech because of the potential to make a huge difference in someone’s life through education.

CallyAnn Hamilton
Multimedia Content Developer

I want to change the story of higher education to be more equitable for everyone.

Chad Adams
Principal Software Engineer

Working with state of the art technologies that helps bring good things to people has been a very rewarding experience.

Christine McDonough
Manager, Content

Education equalizes opportunity; technology enables different types of learning and distribution. I want to help build a world where education and access are the norm.

Dawna Kelley
Learning Experience Designer

Learning is what life is all about! Education betters both the individual and society and everyone deserves that opportunity.

Hankun He
Learning Experience Designer

I believe putting learners on the center and providing them with impactful experience would always be driven by tech.

Jon Nichols
Product Manager

Over the last 150+ years, education has remained largely unchanged. Working in EdTech allows me to be at the forefront with those driving innovative changes.

Lauren Zito
Senior Learning Experience Designer
Luis Ramirez
Associate Learning Experience Designer

New technologies are changing the way we communicate and interact with each other. EdTech is an opportunity to discover how we can expand the access of a good education to everyone.

Nic Johnson
Senior Software Engineer Manager

Education is one of the greatest empowering forces to uplift individuals. I’m excited to contribute through tech.

Marketing and Operations

Erika Wandsneider
Erika Wandsneider
Business Operations & Product Manager

I believe in the power of EdTech to positively transform the higher ed landscape and help build towards a more accessible, equitable and impactful institution.

Nicolle Rowley
Executive Assistant