What Happens When I Become a
College Innovation Network Vendor?

When your EdTech company joins the College Innovation Network (CIN), you will be connected with like-minded CIN member institutions within the postsecondary sphere. These institutions are committed to the common goal of implementing and testing technological innovations needed to better support students. Your company will:

  • Connect with educational institutions by offering a solution to meaningfully meet the network institutions’ needs
  • Participate in efficacy research to ensure that your product is making a substantial impact on the population/s it serves
  • Gain an insider’s perspective into the challenges and needs of postsecondary institutions to inform product development, direction, and innovation
  • Convene with other network members to share best practices and findings

How Does CIN Work?

CIN is staffed by WGU labs, a research and development hub for innovation in education. WGU Labs will:

  • Align member needs with selected solutions offered by vendors partnering with CIN
  • Facilitate the design, piloting, and evaluation of chosen products to ensure beneficial impact 
  • Disseminate findings and insights between members and more broadly with the scientific and EdTech communities

Is My Product The Right Fit?

Participating network vendors create products that show a clear understanding of the needs of faculty and the diverse student populations they serve, including a significant proportion of traditionally underrepresented and underserved students.

Vendor Qualifications

Vendors must offer EdTech solutions that address at least ONE of the four key themes listed below:

Access and Equity 

  • Provides flexible solutions for students with unreliable resources (e.g., reliable internet or computing devices)
  • Buffers against disruptions to those resources with a focus on mitigating inequitable access among underrepresented and underserved student populations.

Student Engagement

  • Facilitates meaningful interactions between individual learners, as well as with faculty 
  • Seeks ways to create engagement in collaborative learning or peer learning contexts

Faculty Readiness for Remote Teaching

  • Offers assistance and guidance to faculty, many of whom are not trained in nor feel confident in adjusting or modifying their teaching for remote settings

Early Alerts

  • Establishes and strengthens mechanisms to translate student data into actionable, timely insights to faculty, student services staff, and administrators

Data Sharing

Vendors may be asked for relevant product usage data needed to gauge impact.

Pilot Participation

Vendors must be willing to participate in a pilot implementation study and share the results of this pilot with the network.

  • During the pilot, vendors must be open to providing access to their EdTech solutions at reduced cost or exploring phased distributed cost-sharing to Network members in exchange for the results and insights from research efforts designed and conducted for each institutional pilot.

My Company Meets The Criteria. What Happens Next?

If your company meets the listed criteria, and you are interested in becoming a CIN solutions provider, when you apply you’ll be asked to fill out a vendor and solutions information form, so we can begin our vendor evaluation process.