What is the College Innovation Network?

The College Innovation Network (CIN) connects member educational institutions with a rich source of EdTech innovations and helps them identify, launch, and evaluate essential tools designed to advance student academic, career, and life outcomes.

Network member institutions are committed to serving diverse student populations, including traditionally underserved and under-represented groups, by incorporating innovative solutions to better support their students’ goals of completing their education. Through real-world pilot testing, these students and the educators who support them gain a voice and transform solutions to meet their unique needs.

Access and Equity

Ensuring all students have equal access to learning opportunities by minimizing the digital divide. Flexible solutions for students with a focus on mitigating inequitable access among underrepresented and underserved student populations.

Student Engagement

Facilitating meaningful interactions between individual learners, as well as learners with faculty as they face the realities of remote teaching adjustments, in particular seeking ways to create engagement in collaborative learning or peer learning contexts.

Faculty Readiness for Remote Teaching

Offering assistance and guidance to faculty, many of whom are not trained in nor feel confident in, remote teaching modifications accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early Alerts

Establishing and strengthening mechanisms to translate student data into actionable, timely insights to faculty, student-services staff, and administrators. Identify students with the greatest need allowing prompt and relevant intervention.


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