What is the College Innovation Network?

The College Innovation Network (CIN) at WGU Labs is a network of higher education institutions committed to addressing the core challenge of promoting belonging and engagement in the modern higher education environment. We’re leveraging technology to build highly engaged learning communities from enrollment through graduation, and beyond. CIN supports educational institutions by identifying areas of need, implementing effective education technology for students, and demonstrating impact through research.

Join us as we build learning communities where all students belong.



Colleges and Universities

Our network includes community colleges, online colleges, private and public 4-year universities, and hybrid colleges.

Total Students Served

Our network collectively serves a quarter million students and counting, amplifying the impact of innovation.


Access and Equity

Ensuring all students have equal access to learning opportunities by minimizing the digital divide. Flexible solutions for students with a focus on mitigating inequitable access among underrepresented and underserved student populations.

Student Belonging

As institutions continue to execute remote and hybrid learning options, keeping students connected with one another to foster a sense of belonging is our top priority. We’re focusing on leveraging technology to help students get to know and support each other.

Student Engagement

The modern college is increasingly a source for key academic and life supports for students. We’re focused on creating ways to effectively inform students of what is available and then deliver those resources to promote student engagement and success.