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WGU Labs (Labs) offers learning design and development services tailored to your long-term goals, making your learning more effective, engaging, equitable, and scalable. Pay only for the services you need. All of our services can be customized, bundled, or used individually. From implementing large-scale curricular changes to developing a flagship course, our learning experts provide evidence-based solutions to meet your needs.

Our Process

We put your learners first. Our process results in effective, engaging, and equitable learning. 


We utilize learning science and formative efficacy testing as we design learning content and experiences, and we engage with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to ensure high-quality learning.


We engage with learners, testing and getting feedback early and often, so we are confident that what we design is engaging and relevant.


Our equity-first approach to learning design ensures we design content and programs that serve a diverse range of learners.

Strategic Learning Consulting

High-quality learning starts with outcomes-focused leadership. Whether we implement new learning models or measure equity gaps, Labs helps organizations achieve their mission-critical learning outcomes. Examples of strategic learning consulting services include: 

  • Competency-Based Education: Looking to transition to a CBE model? We help organizations plan and implement CBE that aligns with your learner and employer needs, organizational culture, and unique brand. 
  • Learning Technology: Want to feel confident in your learning technology and tools? We help organizations transform learning through technology. Understanding your goals, we partner with you to design and implement a learning technology strategy. 
  • Equity Audit: Do you want to understand and change the systems that lead to inequity? For education institutions, we engage with your data, students, faculty, and staff to surface actionable recommendations that ensure more equitable outcomes. 
High Quality Learning Design

High Quality Learning Design

Program Design and Implementation 

You have ambitious goals when it comes to offering new programs, whether it’s expanding the number of learners or the types of learners you serve. With experience in launching new programs and initiatives at scale, Labs can help you execute your vision. Examples of program design and implementation services include: 

  • Market Testing: Unsure about the demand for a program? We market test program ideas early in the design process to make sure your new offering meets learner needs and demand.  
  • Curriculum Design and Development: Are you looking to create and deliver innovative curriculum? Applying proven learning science strategies, we align your curriculum with relevant standards and make sure the goals, assessments, and instruction lead to the best outcomes for your learners. Our content developers and engineers bring any learning activity to life.
  • Program Evaluation:  Would you like to improve upon an existing program? We evaluate programs using metrics important to your organization. Through surveys, interviews, and content reviews, our expert evaluation leads to meaningful recommendations for your program.

Course Design and Development

When learners are engaged and challenged in their courses, they want to learn more. We work with organizations to create completely new courses or transform existing content to create hybrid, flexible, or fully-online offerings. Examples of course design and development services include: 

  • HyFlex Delivery: Are you looking for a way to combine classroom experience with online learning? We can help you design a course that utilizes the best of both options, leading to an optimal experience for your learners. 
  • Learning Community Design: Do you want to get your learners talking? We know peer interaction and belonging plays a significant role in the learning experience. Labs designs learning communities that offer sustained engagement and effective learning outcomes.
  • Asynchronous Learning: Are you creating a course that learners can take whenever and wherever they want? We create learner-directed courses that scale and offer flexibility. 


High Quality Learning Design

Case Studies


What our Clients Say


“We partnered with WGU Labs to co-develop an innovative program to address our learner population’s unique needs and prepare them to succeed at the college level. In working with the LxD team, we gained deep levels of empathy for our student’s learning experience and customized the content accordingly. This work has served as the foundation for the early success we see at Academy, particularly for our first-generation college students.”
—Chelsea Barnett, Director of Learning Experience at WGU Academy

“I’m so impressed with how well the WGU Labs team has understood our goal and our vision for this project, and I appreciate their dedication to helping us build a quality program for our high school students.”
—Candice Brooks, BHLI Director