College Innovation Network

Great ideas are worth sharing, and the College Innovation Network (CIN) at WGU Labs connects colleges and universities with EdTech leaders to identify, launch, and evaluate tools that help learners succeed. With support from the Charles Koch Foundation, CIN empowers institutions to improve student outcomes, test products for their effectiveness, and quickly share impactful ideas across the network, and beyond. Applications are currently open to become either a CIN member institution or vendor—and bring your great ideas to a network of like-minded individuals with a focus toward social impact.

Past Initiatives

We invite you to learn more about the projects that WGU Labs has most recently engaged in.

  • Equity Initiative at WGU: Research to understand the systems and processes that lead to inequity of underserved populations at WGU across application, enrollment, and graduation.
  • Rise Mindset Study: WGU Labs developed a suite of growth mindset-oriented interventions to be implemented during the 2019/2020 school year with school partners, including NCCCS, the Ivy Tech Community College, and WGU’s Teacher’s College.