MajorClarity, a career and college readiness platform, wanted to expand from a start-up into an established business and grow its customer base. MajorClarity partnered with WGU Labs to grow its existing library of interactive career pathways and test out a new user- centered design framework to meet the needs of the schools and students they’re trying to serve.



WGU Teachers College

WGU Labs (Labs) collaborated with WGU’s Teachers College to develop an online community as part
of WGU’s new Character Education Professional Learning program (CEPL). Funded by a grant from the Kern Family Foundation, the program provides professional education and certification for K-12 principals implementing Character Education at their schools.


Stack Education Case Study 

Stack Education

To evaluate its Clinical Trials Management Intensive Certificate Program, Stack Education (Stack) partnered with WGU Labs (Labs). Stack works with colleges and universities to deliver on-campus and online curriculum preparing students with the credentials, knowledge, and job-ready skills needed to transition into new careers.


Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute Case Study

Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute

The Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute (BHLI) wanted to extend their professional development offerings to high school students. BHLI partnered with WGU Labs (Labs) to create a 16-week healthcare leadership career pathways course to address BHLI’s learning and organizational goals.


WGU College of Health Professions Case Study

WGU College of Health Professions

For their Healthcare Policy and Economics course, HP enlisted WGU Labs (Labs) and Red Flag Mania, a Labs partner, to design activities that delight students while developing much-needed skills for the future of nursing.

Students take on the role of a nurse immersed in a medical mystery while learning how to personalize patient care, how to approach legal implications and organizational ethics, and understand how policy impacts healthcare.


WGU Academy Case Study

WGU Academy

Western Governors University (WGU) created WGU Academy (Academy)— a college readiness program to expand access and opportunity to higher education at WGU and beyond.

Academy partnered with WGU Labs to design its catalyst for student success, the Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA). Utilizing social-emotional learning and student-centered program design, PACA prepares students to thrive in their academics and careers.




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